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Kevin Frazier

Executive Team

Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Client Development


Kevin Frazier joined Brock & Scott, PLLC in July 2012 as the Director of Client Relations. Mr. Frazier is responsible for the firm's overall client partnerships and revenue growth, branding, external communications and managing the Client Relations team while identifying and successfully building relationships that capitalize on Brock & Scott's best-in-class solutions, client collaboration and expert service. In 2016, Mr. Frazier was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Client Development after his success of leading the firm's new business growth and branding in the marketplace. He received his undergraduate degree from Ohio University in Athletics Administration & Business in 1998 and in 1999 competed the CSA & Graduate Assistant Program from University of South Florida.

Before joining Brock & Scott, Mr. Frazier spent 12 years of successful development, growth and marketing of investment products and financial related services while establishing and maintaining effective relationships. With a proven and consistent record of out producing others, he brings a high level of integrity in doing things the right way every time. A natural leader who has managed a team of talented individuals and spent a significant amount of time working face to face with executives.