Project & Staffing Services

Brock & Scott’s Project & Staffing suite of services provides our clients options for our firm to assist on specific projects and to help augment staffing needs on a temporary or extended basis.


We provide additional support and resources covering the following areas:

  • Issue Breach Notices and Demand Letters
  • FHA First Legal Oversight – Coordinate and oversee nationwide compliance with FHA first legal deadlines
  • Loss Mitigation – Conduct letter campaigns to support loss mitigation initiatives
  • Assignments of Mortgage – Review title and/or drafted AOM’s necessary to foreclose, discharge etc.
  • Bankruptcy – direct source (all bankruptcy functions except for cash management), bulk transfers of claim, notice filing, etc. in our 19-state footprint.
  • Recoverability vs Non-Recoverability State Matrix – reference guide by state on recoverable, non-recoverable or third-party as it pertains to attorney fees and cost , mediation fees, etc.
  • Pennsylvania – Issue Act 6/91 letters; Obtain Inheritance Tax Waivers
  • New Jersey – Issue Notices of Intention to Foreclose and upload to DCA portal; property registrations; municipal court and landlord-tenant representation
  • Maryland – Issue Notices of Forbearance


Our firm provides high-quality counsel, services, and representation to deliver creative solutions that help our clients keep down their costs while providing excellent service to their customers and investor partnerships.