Eminent Domain

Brock & Scott’s Eminent Domain practice area provides representation for consumers and businesses when government or government authorized entities take private property for public use in return for just compensation. Just compensation is usually defined by the fair market value of the property.


There are many different reasons your property can be taken. Your property may be needed because there are plans for a new highway or road-widening project, a gas or oil pipeline project, railroad expansion project, the expansion of a transmission line or other utility project. An eminent domain impact can be frustrating, confusing, and inconvenient no matter the reason. In addition, the compensation the condemning authority offers you may not be enough to cover all of the damages and losses for your property.

If you are faced with an eminent domain matter, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney will be able to help navigate you through the arduous process. Many owners threatened with eminent domain do not know what rights they have or how to properly defend themselves. Many owners may think that they must accept the compensation they are offered and cannot stand up to the condemning authority. At Brock & Scott, our attorneys can inform you of all of your rights, including your right to challenge the government and to receive the just compensation that you deserve.


  • How does the eminent domain process work?
  • Why is my property being taken? Can I stop the taking of my property?
  • What effect will the taking have on my remaining property?
  • What rights do I have?
  • How is the fair market value of my property determined?
  • Do I have to accept the condemning authority’s offer?
  • What if the condemning authority takes all of my property?  Am I entitled to relocation compensation?
  • Should I be doing anything to my property before it is taken?
  • Will the taking affect my mortgage or taxes?

If you have been notified you have an eminent domain taking, contact us today for help.