Brock & Scott’s Expansion with the Addition of Ron Wolfe & Associates – The first 100 days

Ron Wolfe and Associates joined Brock & Scott in Florida back on October 2nd, strengthening and expanding an already first-class legal practice group in the state. Attorneys and staff with the Tampa location were retained providing enhanced state coverage and service to clients operating in Florida. After closing the acquisition, work began on the planned systems and case management integration while transitioning the Tampa office to Brock & Scott’s human resource and benefits program.

Most importantly, the combined operation has taken great care and steps to make the transition of client’s inventory over to Brock & Scott’s platform a smooth and seamless process without any negative impact. Staying focused on effective communication, maintaining timeline goals, overall client satisfaction and becoming “better together” as one new group through the first 100 days of integration has benefited both the firm and clients in Florida. Proper due diligence and execution of the integration plan has lead to financial results being ahead of schedule.

For questions and further detail on Brock & Scott expanding operations and their presence in Florida, please feel free to reach out to Kevin Frazier at 336-354-1200 x3709 and or Ron Wolfe at 813-342-2200 x3037 and